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Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training

Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training 
Now availabe $169.99

0 thoughts on “Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training”

  1. Brian says:

    I cannot wait to take the DER Training class. Finally something to help the DER make DOT compliance easier!

  2. hentai says:

    Found this link while searching Google, thanks

    1. Brian says:

      Have you signed up yet for the class?

      1. Brett says:

        I just completed the DER Training with the attached FMCSA training. It was EXCELLENT!! Please keep you the excellent work. FOr those of you considering an online training experience, this is it! The training and attention to detail was awesome. I thought I knew it all before I took the class. I was very surprised by what I didn’t know.
        I hope this company adds more classes to the schedule.
        I’m impressed and this firm Certified Training Solutions has really done and excellent job!!
        I will be requiring my staff to do the training though them as well as recommending them to other in my industry.
        Thank You for making my job easier!!!!

  3. Stacey M. says:

    Was glad I found this course. Just finished the DER training for motor carriers. All in all, a great course at a great value. Way cheaper and more convenient than the DATIA or SAPAA courses and others I found online. Plus these guys know what they’re talking about! Think I need the FTA course too, however, now that I learned who is covered by which DOT agencies!

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