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Drug Testing Courses

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Urine Specimen Collector Courses for DOT Drug Testing

Become Certified to conduct collections for Department of Transportation drug testing today. We offer one or both components of the two-part training that is required under the Federal Regulations. Choose which training course is right for you, below.

DOT Specimen Collector Online Training

Component 1 – Online Qualification Training (Procedures & Regulations Course)
Only  $89.99

FULL DOT Specimen Collector Online Training​
Includes the Procedures Course AND Proficiency Demonstration by webcam. 
Please register for a live webcam class below after payment
$339.99 per person

DOT Specimen Collector Instructor Online Procedures Training

Includes online DOT Specimen Collector  course PLUS Trainer module,
Includes FREE Resources (forms, Trainer instructions, & Certificates). More info HERE.
Hands-on training not included.

FULL Specimen Collector + Collector Instructor Training 
Includes the online Collector Procedures course, Trainer Module, & Proficiency Demonstration training by webcam.
Please register for a live webcam class  below after payment.
$429.99 per person

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Alcohol Testing Training Courses

Breath (BAT) and Saliva (STT) Certification

Breath Alcohol Technician Training

Breath Alcohol Technician Qualification Training. Online Procedures & Regulations Course.  This is Component 1 of 2, required by DOT Rules for Certified BATs.
Hands-on training not included.
This fee includes the online training course only — the procedures and rules & regulations training.  Federal Rules require BATs to complete Device Proficiency training on their specific EBT.
For Instrument-Specific Proficiency Training, we offer hands-on Certification training by WEBCAM on various alcohol testing devices (EBTs) (breathalyzers).
Cost: $299 to $499, depending on the device.
Click here for webcam training information on your Evidential Breath Tester

Screening Test Technician (STT) Training

This fee includes the online training course only — the procedures and rules & regulations course.
Hands-on training not included.
Only  $79.99

Screening Test Technician (STT) Train-The-Trainer

This fee includes the online training course only — the procedures and rules & regulations training.
Hands-on training not included.
Only $109.99

STT PROFICIENCY DEMONSTRATION DEVICE TRAINING.  Federal Regulations require that STTs complete the 2nd Component of training on their specific Alcohol Screening Device (ASD) in real-time with a Qualified Trainer. Webcam training is offered for an additional fee on the STT’s device (select devices only).
Saliva Devices: $219.00     —–      Breath screening devices: $279.00

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