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Drug and Alcohol Testing Supplies

Low cost drug testing kits and training

Where to buy discount drug testing and alcohol testing supplies?
You found us!  Please see the list of products below and the Order Form below.
The best prices on drug testing and alcohol testing supplies.
Low prices on breath alcohol testing devices here.

Alco-Screen® 02

The Alco-screen 02 is a DOT-approved instant saliva alcohol screening device.

  • Results in just 4 minutes!
  • FDA Cleared / CLIA Waived
  • Fast, reliable, and accurate!​

Price: $44 per box (24 test per box)

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You may also need: Alco-screen 02 Control Solution. Cost: $40.00 for two vials (4mL each), includes a positive and negative control for use with the Alco Screen 02.
Order Item# OSTAS02co on the order form.

Oratect® Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device

 (FDA 510k Cleared!)

Simultaneously tests oral fluid (saliva) for 6 drugs!

  • Detects: amphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiate, and PCP
  • FDA Cleared device
  • Easy, rapid, non-invasive, on-site/instant drug test

Price: $279.00 per box (25 tests per box)

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​Instant 12-Panel Saliva Drug Test

10-minute Results!Only $6.40 per test!

Tests instantly for the following drugs:  AMP, BAR, BUP, BZO, COC, MET, MED, MDMA, OPI, OXY, PCP, and THC

Collect anytime, anywhere!

Price: $160.00 per box of 25 tests

For forensic use only (non-DOT)

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instant drug test saliva panel Picture

12 Panel Instant Saliva Drug Test
12-Panel Drug Test (dip)
Only $4.84 per test!

Instant urine dip will test for the following drugs: COC,OPI,MET,THC,AMP,PCP,BZO,BAR,
Price: $121.00 per package (25 dip tests per box)
*Select item#OST12pdip on

FREE TRAINING available for this device (online, after product purchase). Please email Lisa@CertifiedTrainingSolutions.com for training link & password.


12-Panel Drug Test (Cup)
Only $5.99 per test!
Instant urine cup/test will test for the following drugs: COC,OPI,MET,THC,AMP,PCP,BZO,BAR,MTD,OXY,MDMA,BUP
Price: $149.75 per package (25 cups/tests per bag)
*Select item#OST12cup on ORDER FORM*For volume pricing on any items, please call us at 1-888-684-1658

CareFull Catch

The all NEW Carefull Catch device will simplify urine collections for female donors.
CareFull Catch is a disposable specimen cup holder that will keep the person’s hand 6 inches away from the urine stream reducing instances of contamination and adulteration, allowing for accurate test results.  CareFull Catch improves the patient experience and clinical results.

Alleviate Infection Control Concerns!
Did you know that 84% of female patients get urine on their hand while collecting a urine sample?  Did you know that currently patients and nurses have to place their hand inside the toilet and directly in the urine stream when patients need assistance?  CareFull Catch improves this process for both the patients and caregivers!

​Hospitals and collection facilities throughout the U.S. are focusing on improving infection control standards.  CareFull Catch is a brilliantly simple and innovative solution to minimize contact with bodily fluids and improve clinical results during the specimen collection process.  ORDER FORM

Pricing for Carefull Catch:
Box of 100:  $96.00
Box of 250:  $235.00
Box of 500:  $460.00
~ Plus shipping 

QuickTox® Multi-panel drug test-dips
Discount: As low as $5.00 per test!

Available in 8, 9, 11, and 12-panel tests!
Quick Tox® Dip Test Details:

  • 5-minute reading time
  • Easy-to-interpret results (line or no line)
  • FDA-cleared / CLIA Waived

Image - Quick Tox Instant Drug Test Discount Drug Tests Discount Instant Drug Tests Quick Tox Dip Card

QuickTox® Dip Card Instant Drug Tests

Click Here for more details on the QuickTox Drug Screen Dip Test (which drugs the various tests detect, pricing on various panels, further product details and instructions).

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ToxCup® Drug Screen Cup

Available in 5-panel and 7-panel drug detection!
– CLIA-waived multiple drugs-of-abuse test cup with or without adulteration tests
– Convenient specimen collection, testing and shipping in one device
– Tests five drugs and four adulteration tests simultaneously or up to 7 drugs without adulteration tests
– A preliminary screen test, must be confirmed by a specific method (for non-DOT testing only) Click Here To Order!

Image Toxcup Drug Screen Cup

ToxCup Drug Screen Cup
Branan Medical Tox Cups
Instant Drug Testing Cups-Tests

K2 / Spice Instant Drug Test

Tests for 15 of the most common compounds in “synthetic marijuana”!

Only $3.50 per test!

Instant urine test — Results in less than 10 minutes!

Price: $87.50 per box (25 tests)

Intect® 7 Adulteration Detection Strips

  • This user-friendly and cost-effective adulteration detection strip ensures the integrity of your urine samples!
  • Meets the specimen validity testing (SVT) requirement
Tests for 7 parameters:  Creatinine, Nitrite, Glutaraldehyde, pH, Specific Gravity, Bleach, Pyridinium Chlorochromate
and detects most over-the-counter and common adulterants!
Price:  $28.00 per bottle (25 test strips)

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Stat-Blue Instant Bluing Tabs
Use these blue tablets to meet the DOT (49 CFR Part 40) requirements for “blue water” in collection site restrooms.
Price:  $21.00 per bottle of 100 tablets.

  • Stat-Blue Tabs will help prevent donors from “dipping” into the toilet during a drug test (urine collection) in an attempt to adulterate or dilute their urine specimen.
  • Federal Regulations require that the collection site restroom toilet (and in some cases, toilet tank water) is colored with bluing.  These Stat-Blue tablets will provide the necessary deep blue color required for compliance in your drug testing/collection program.
  • Blue color will indicate to collection site personnel if a donor has attempted to dilute or substitute their specimen with toilet water.
  • How to use: Simply drop one tablet into toilet water to provide the required level of bluing for collection site security and integrity.
Click Here To Order!  Or call 1-888-684-1658
Latex-Free Gloves
Safe-Touch ™  Power-Free Vinyl Gloves (Medical Grade)
Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large

Price:  $15.00 per bottle of 100 gloves.
Click Here To Order! Or call 1-888-684-1658
Sterile Collection Cups

Sterile urine collection cups, as low as $0.60 per cup!
Available with or without temperature strip.

Collection Cups without temp strip:
Price:  $15.00 per bag (25 per bag)

Collection Cups WITH temp strip:
Price:  $16.25 per bag (25 per bag)
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Or you may call 307-640-5859, or email
Purchase Discount Alcohol Testing Supplies including: ATFs, tamper-evident tape, dry gas tanks, breathalyzer mouthpieces, printer paper, and more!  Order Here!
For additional Alcovisor alcohol testing supplies (Jupiter, Mark V, Satellite, Mars), please see: https://www.certifiedtrainingsolutions.com/order-testing-supplies-here.html
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